The American Postal Workers Union (APWU) and the United States Postal Service (USPS) reached an agreement in 2018 regarding the creation of the APWU PTF Hub. The agreement was a result of negotiations between the two parties aimed at addressing the issues surrounding Postal Support Employees (PSEs).

The APWU PTF Hub agreement was designed to provide job security for Postal Support Employees, who were previously hired on a temporary or contract basis. The agreement allowed for the creation of a PSE conversion process that provided a path for PSEs to become Postal Career Employees (PCEs).

Under the APWU PTF Hub agreement, PSEs can now convert to PCEs after a probationary period of 12 consecutive months of employment. This conversion process provides job stability and access to benefits that were previously unavailable to PSEs. It also allows PSEs to earn leave time and receive pay increases as they progress in their careers.

In addition to providing job security for PSEs, the APWU PTF Hub agreement also created new positions called Postal Service Assistants (PSAs). These positions are similar to PSEs, but with additional job responsibilities. PSAs are eligible for conversion to PCEs after 24 months of consecutive employment.

The APWU PTF Hub agreement also established new scheduling rules for PSEs and PSAs. These rules require management to post schedules at least seven days in advance, and to provide at least eight hours of rest between shifts. This new system provides more stability for employees and improves their work-life balance.

Overall, the APWU PTF Hub agreement represents a significant step forward in improving working conditions for Postal Support Employees. The agreement provides job security, access to benefits, and improved scheduling rules, all of which have been long overdue for PSEs and PSAs. While there is still work to be done in improving the postal service and its working conditions, this agreement is a positive step in the right direction.