Enbridge is a Canadian energy company that operates the largest pipeline system in North America. The company has been in the news recently due to an agreement it has reached with the Michigan government over the operation of its Line 5 pipeline.

The agreement, which was announced on November 24, 2020, requires Enbridge to shut down the Line 5 pipeline through the Straits of Mackinac during severe weather conditions and to conduct regular safety inspections. The line will also be replaced with a new pipeline that will be housed in a tunnel beneath the lakebed.

This agreement comes after years of legal battles between Enbridge and the State of Michigan over the safety of the Line 5 pipeline. The pipeline, which was built in 1953, transports crude oil and natural gas liquids from Canada to refineries in the United States.

The state of Michigan, along with environmental groups and indigenous communities, has raised concerns over the pipeline`s potential to leak or spill into the Great Lakes, which provide drinking water to millions of people. The pipeline is also located in an area prone to severe weather conditions, which could exacerbate any potential spills.

Enbridge has argued that Line 5 is essential for meeting the energy needs of the region and that the pipeline is safe. The company has also invested in safety upgrades and inspections in recent years.

The agreement with the State of Michigan is a significant win for Enbridge, as it allows the company to continue operating Line 5 while addressing the safety concerns raised by the state. The new tunnel housing the pipeline will provide additional protection against leaks and spills, while the regular safety inspections will ensure the pipeline remains in good condition.

The Enbridge-CTS agreement is a positive step towards ensuring the safety of energy infrastructure in North America. As the demand for energy continues to grow, it is essential that companies like Enbridge prioritize safety and invest in modernizing their infrastructure to meet the needs of the future.